Balaclava Ontario (Renfrew County)

Balaclava Mill Building

Balaclava Ontario was established as a timber mill in 1855. The mill was erected on Constant Creek by Duncan Ferguson and Donald Cameron. By 1860, the town had several houses, a hotel and a blacksmith shop. The mill was acquired by the Richards family in 1868. They operated the mill for the next 91 years.

Balaclava Mill Building

Balaclava Mill Building

The mill was rebuilt in 1936 after a good deal of the original edifice was destroyed by fire. By the 1950’s, the area was exhausted of timber, and the mill was only producing a few thousand board feet a year. The mill was able to produce one million board feet a week at peak production. In 1959, the mill was shut down and the store closed as the production moved away.

Today there are still a few residents in Balaclava. Many of the original homes are still standing, but all are on private property.

Stone Foundations

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